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 +====== Canadian Energy Systems Simulator - CanESS ======
 +This wiki is directly related to the content of and interacting with the CanESS model. ​
 +Here are a couple of good sources of general CanESS Information:​
 +  * Information from our website [[http://​​index.php/​energy/​canessinfo|CanESS]]
 +Here is a glossary for short forms and definitions:​
 +  * [[caness:​Glossary|CanESS Glossary]]
 +  * [[:​glossary|whatIf?​ Glossary]]
 +===== Getting started: using whatIf? =====
 +For an overview of the technical aspects of interacting with a model through the whatIf? software you can review [[http://​​GSS|this website]]. ​ It was built to help Royal Roads University (RRU) students interact with a whatIf? model and it does a good job of explaining the concepts and technical details of the software. ​ You may review the whole website or go straight to the tutorial. ​ All references to control panels and dashboards are known as create views and display views, respectively,​ in our more general terminology.
 +====== CanESS ======
 +CanESS is a simulation model designed to demonstrate the relationship between an evolving population, the evolving energy systems implemented to meet that population'​s needs, and the emissions produced as a result. CanESS is a tool for performing '​look-ahead'​ analysis: through the development and testing of various scenarios CanESS allows for the exploration of the likely long term consequences of collective societal actions such as policy change or adoption of new technologies.
 +==== Main Drivers for Simulation ====
 +  * Population which drives:
 +    * Families/​households
 +  * GDP which drives
 +    * Industrial production ​
 +==== Interesting High level Summary Views ====
 +  * scenario overview report (overviewRpt) - Focused mainly on the transportation demand sector but also shows the GDP and Population assumptions
 +  * demography report (demogRpt - logged at demography) - shows information about the underlying population assumptions
 +  * energy disposition report (enrDispRpt - logged at root) - shows making and using totals for various energy commodities including import and export
 +  * fuel use report (fuelUseRpt - logged at energyUse/​conEnergyUse) - displays information about fuel use (by sector) in Canada in several different formats
 +  * net emissions report (netEmNQ - logged at emissions)
 +====== Sectoral Details ======
 +Here are detailed descriptions of various sections of CanESS. ​ Currently under development.\\
 +[[caness:​foodprod|Food Production]]\\
 +[[caness:​macroeconomy|Macro Economy]]\\
 +[[caness:​energyUse|Energy Use]]\\
 +[[caness:​energyProd|Energy Production]]\\
 +[[caness:​resourceDisp|Resource Disposition]]\\
 +[[caness:​finalEnerAndEmConsolid|Final Energy and Emissions Consolidation]]\\
 +[[caness:​costAndRevenue|Cost and Revenue]]\\
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