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User Training Exercises - Solutions, Hints & Notes

Demographics & Economy

  1. See variable demography/population/CRegPop[].
  2. See variable demography/population/CRegPop[].
  3. Can use population accounting identity population[t] = population(t-1) + population_inflows(t-1) - population_outflows(t-1). Population inflows include: births, various types of immigration. Population outflows include: deaths, various types of emigration. All these stocks and flows are explicitly available in the model diagram except for domestic immigration, which the user would have to solve for. Relevant model variables in demography/population are: CRegPop, population/births, population/actNetImm, population/deaths, population/movers. A view could be written to automate this decomposition analysis for an arbitrary time period.
  4. See variable macroEconomy/macroEcon/GDPPerCapita[].
  5. See variable macroEconomy/macroEcon/othIndGO[].


  1. Solution 1: See variable energyUse/conEnergyUse/resSecEU[]. Solution 2: Run view resSecEnrUseRpt. Options: fuel use, intensity, and shares - Graph or Table - window fuel use.
  2. Go to calculator energyUse/resSecEU/resStocks/dwellings. All inputs to procedure dwelling stock (2) are candidates.
  3. Run view resSecEnrUseRpt. Options: dwellings and TA distribution - Graph - window dwellings by region TA share.
  4. See variables:
    1. energyUse/resSecEU/resStocks/heatSystems/newHeatSysShr[]
    2. energyUse/resSecEU/resStocks/waterHeaters/newWatHeaterShrPlan[]
    3. energyUse/resSecEU/resStocks/appliances/lighting/newBulbShr[]


  1. Run view transSecEnrUseRpt. Options: vehicle stock report - Graph or Table - n - light duty vehicles - window new and fleet Light duty vehicle stock by size share.
  2. See variable energyUse/transportEU/roadVeh/heavyDutyVehicle/HDVehBaselineAFU/combTractorDistFU/avgVDTSurvivors[]
  3. In calculator energyUse/transportEU/serviceDemand/passKM see procedures: Trip Generation (1), Allocate Trips to Mode (2) and Passenger Kilometers (3).
    1. See variable energyUse/transportEU/serviceDemand/passKM/tripShare[].
  4. See variables energyUse/transportEU/roadVeh/lightDutyVehicle/personalUseVeh/PUVehEU/srcVehMixDepRLFC[] and energyUse/transportEU/roadVeh/lightDutyVehicle/personalUseVeh/PUVehEU/PUVehAFC[].

Commercial Buildings

  1. Run view: comSecUERpt
  2. See variable: energyUse/comSecEU/inputEnergyUse/inEnrUseNSC/NSCIOEnrRatio[]. This ratio has a value of 1 or more. A value of 1 means the input and output (or service) energy is the same and the process is 100% efficient.

Industrial (Non-Fuel Producing)

  1. Solution 1: run view indNFSecEURpt. Option: fuel use external, intensity, and shares - window energy/fuel use - externally purchased. Solution 2: see variable energyUse/otherIndustrySecEU/othIndSecEU/indNFSSecEU[], and aggregate over RPPs manually.
  2. See variables:
    1. energyUse/otherIndustrySecEU/othIndSecEU/othIndSecElecPrdTotal[]
    2. energyUse/otherIndustrySecEU/othIndSecEU/othIndSecElecPrdForOwnUse[] and energyUse/otherIndustrySecEU/othIndSecEU/othIndSecElecPrdForGrid[]
    3. energyUse/otherIndustrySecEU/othIndSecEU/CGHeatAvailableOISIndSec[]

Electricity Generation

  1. Solution 1: run view elecAnalysis. Option: capacity, generation and planned and actual capacity factor. Solution 2: see variables energyProd/electricityPrd/elecGen/elecPC[], energyProd/electricityPrd/elecGen/elecPCUsed[] and energyProd/electricityPrd/elecGen/capFacECAct[].

Energy Production

  1. See variable energyProd/refPetPrdPrd/COUseByRefiners[]
  2. See variable energyProd/hydrogenPrd/H2Prod[]

Primary Resources

  1. See variable energyUse/resourcePrdEU/natGasExtAndPrd/natGasPrdAEU/CNatGasPPrd[]


  1. See variable resourceDisp/crudeOilDisp/COilDisp[]
  2. See same variable as in 1, resourceDisp/crudeOilDisp/COilDisp[]
  3. See variables energyProd/refPetPrdPrd/RPPPrdDomDisp[], energyProd/refPetPrdPrd/RPPExport[] and energyProd/refPetPrdPrd/RPPProd[].


  1. Run view emissionsRpt. Options: ask only for the default emission target - your choice of target
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