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  • Introduce Design Approach
    • explain the differences (and overlap) between the Design Approach (ref paper) and the whatIf? Platform
  • Concepts
    • separation between physical and control “layers” (Rob prefers “components”)
      • OSI analogy - kinda maybe useful, but perhaps a bit too techie for a general audience?
      • lowest layer comprised of laws of thermodynamics, conservation of mass, etc.
      • natural and human processes - not quite clear whether they're hierarchical, or parallel or both…?
      • notes on diagrams: use diagram similar to that in Evolution of Socio-economic modelling paper. If OSI diagram is used in conjunction, standardize diagrammatic notation; arrow coming into the bottommost layer..what is it?
    • control space can be represented with formal “behavioural” models (our models thus far haven't delved too deep here); design approach stresses the importance of the model user being an active part of the system, and source of novelty and learning.
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