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Connect to model hosted at whatIf?

Preparing to connect

  • Download and install the whatIf? software from you web account


  • Run the SAMM application which is installed under All Programs/whatif and fill in the connection dialog as follows:
    • Server:
    • Port: 8000
    • Account: < the account name given to you by whatIf? >
    • Password: < the password given to you by whatIf? >
  • If it's successful you will see several windows come up and you can start using your model
  • If it's not successful you will get an error message
    • If you double check and it isn't just a bad setting of one of the above items please talk to your IT department with the info in the next section

What the your IT department should know/do

  • Connecting to your hosted model is done through a TCP/IP connection to port 8000 on our server:
    • Your firewall may need to be configured to allow that connection
  • does NOT respond to ping requests so that's not a fair test of whether you can “see” our machine

Trouble shooting

Checking connectivity

If the user can't make the connection with SAMM here is a test to see if it's the firewall. Get a computer outside the firewall and try a telnet on port 8000 to our server. For example if it's a windows machine get in the cmd shell and type:

 telnet  8000 

If it doesn't complain and appears to hang that implies the connection was made and all is well and it's waiting for input from the SAMM application. You'll then have to kill the telnet session.

If there is a connection problem you'll get an error message about not being able to connect.

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