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Model Base Patcher



The modelbase patcher is used manually patch a SAMM modelbase. Care must be taken when using the utility as it is possible to cause damage to the modelbase.

To use the patcher:

1. log into the samm account

2. start the utility: MBpatcher

The premise behind the MBpatcher utility is that you first navigate to the location of the file you want to patch in the modelbase and then use the patch command to patch a record in the file.

Before patching the file, one normally looks at the file with the show command to see the current settings and determine the record to be patched.

In order to navigate to the position of the file a number of variables must be set before using the 'moveto' command. In order they are MBroot, mf, fw, dir, var and hierPath. What you need to set depends on where you want to go. For example, if you want to patch the “fwTbl” then you only need to set the MBroot and mf.

Here is the list of command availible in MBpatcher:

help command - show help for the command where - show current director look - show files in current directory up - move up one directory set - set a variable moveto - move to a location show - show a file patch - patch a file quit - quit MBpatcher

You can get this list in MBpatcher by typing help. And for more information of on a particular command, type help cmdName.

When patching a file, the prompt will be changed to “patch»”. When you are finished making the patch, type done and MBpatcher will prompt you to confirm changes as required.

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