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Move scenarios from old server to new


This is for when you need to export scenario data from one sever and import it into a new server. The general process is to make a set of directories to export the data into, then do the export, copy the data to the new server and finally do an import.

Here are the technical steps:

  • Login with putty as the model account user to the old server and go to the root of the model in which see your data, informants, sim and cal directories
  cd /models/myModel/
  • copy the “data” directory which is used by Documentor and has all the sub directories for the calculators to a new directory with an appropriate name like oldModelScns
  cp -r data oldModelScns
  • clean out ONLY the files in the directory structure of oldModelScns be VERY careful to do this exactly as typed here so you don't delete something by mistake!
  rm oldModelScns/*/*.db
  • Do the export from samm
    • Login into the old model with SAMM
    • set the file path to /models/myModel/oldModelScns
    • Go to the scenario of interest, right click and export
    • Change the variable suffix to something related to the scenario name with no spaces or special characters
    • click OK
  • copy (through drag and drop probably) the oldModelScns directory to the root of the new model
  • Go into the new model (maybe on the new server) with SAMM
  • Import the scenarios
    • set file path to the location of the scenarios within the new model
    • open the worksheet window from the windows menu
    • right click and choose load
    • fill in the import script name which will be something like “import.oldscnearioname.samm” - to check for the name look in the oldModelScns directory.
  • Save the scenario with a new name
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