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Level variable template

Examples may be in you installed model already /models/<modelName/<versionNum>/views/subroutines/TemplateViews/levelORIntensiveVarProjection_v4.t

The template for this type of variable does 1 variable only and gives you several options on how to project it.

Currently those options include:

  • “saturated projection (default)”
  • “scurve to some percentage from last year of history”
  • “stepwise percent change various source options”
  • “specify and apply growthrate to last year of history”
  • “set constant (given or from reference year)”

If you have a non-standard projection time horizon (i.e. not beginning in the first year of simulation, and not based purely on a trend from history) then adjust

local varHis[upperdims,timeseq]
local varBckGnd[upperdims,timeseq]
local varResult[upperdims,timeseq]

so that timeseq of varHis spans the time from which you might want to build the trend, and timeseq of varBckGnd and varResult spans the projection time.

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