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Defining a project for the project list

There is a file called projectParams.csv and it lives in the viewData directory. Several sub-routines make use of it and it's purpose is to allow for the definition of multiple projects under one model.

Once defined a project can be used to control the running of the model including:

  • Where the output data for that project goes
  • Defining a start and end year and output style for all the data output for that project
  • Saving specific user inputs for various views

To add a new project just add another line int the projectParams.csv leaving the custom one at the bottom!

The columns are self explanitory except maybe the exportStyle:

  • type 1 - every scenario (including history) is saved in a separate output file from the simulation data
  • type 2 - all the scenarios are saved in the same file with an extra dimension for the scenario name. The historic data is pre-pended to each simulation scenario and then the appropriate years are extracted just before export so there is only 1 file. Most customers seem to prefer this approach.
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