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Preparing data files

In documenter you have defined the shape of the variables. This is a good place to create an empty data file to pass around to get filled.

In documenter you can add some code to a procedure box temporarily to create these files then run the calculator. Don't forget to remove the code when you're done!

Odometer format using excel

This code will open excel with your object in odometer form. Use the file save as feature in excel to put the file somewhere you can access it on your disk.


Odometer format using excel

This code will prepare a file in the preferred coordinate form and saves it to the location you specify on your server. Note it first fills the object with 1.0 as a default.

  avgTravSpeed[so,dap,ltsdb] = import(; data=1.0)
  export(avgTravSpeed[so,dap,ltsdb]; dataFormat=coordinate, fileFormat=text, delimiter=",", allCoord=on, \
  file="/models/<myModel>/primarydata/avgTravSpeed.csv", heading=on)
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