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User Training Exercises


  1. Use the graph tool to visually estimate the population of:
    1. total males in 2050
    2. total females in 2020

Residential Buildings

  1. What was the total residential electricity energy use in 2050?
  2. Display historical and projected data for the new (marginal) share of:
    1. heat systems
    2. water heaters

Non-Residential Buildings

  1. How much energy was used for cooling commercial space in 2050?
  2. Find the variable which characterizes the efficiency of auxiliary equipment in non-residential buildings.


  1. In the personal use vehicle fleet, what was the share of cars vs. light trucks 2011? In 2050?
  2. Graph both the lab and road adjusted personal use light duty vehicle fuel consumption intensities over time for new vehicles.

Electricity Generation

  1. What was the installed decentralized electricity generating capacity (MW) in 2050?
  2. What is the decentralized electricity generation technology with the most generation in 2050? What is the corresponding capacity factor for that technology?


  1. Display a graph of total projected CO2e emissions for two scenarios.

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions, hints and notes for selected exercises are provided.

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