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Reset Number of users in a Framework

It can happen that a framework is marked as though there are users in it but there are not. This describes how to fix that.

1. login as samm through putty

2. Start the patch tool:


3. Set up the model base variable

 set MBroot /whatif/samm/Models_MB 

4. Go into that model base

 moveto MBroot 

5. Look at the model families table

 show mfTbl 

6. scroll up to find out what the name for your model family is and set it

 set mf <name> 

7. Go into that family

 moveto mf

8. Look at the framworks table and find the record number for the framework

 show fwTbl 

9. Patch the fw table

 patch fwTbl 

10. Tell it the record number you found in 9 and it will print the info about that record 11. Tell it we want to reset the users

 users = 0 

12. Complete the patch:


13. Close MBPatcher

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