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  • Assume you have simulator calculator created containing: base[byrs] → procedure → outputStock[ts]
  • Create calibrator calculator to produce base[byrh]
    • can do regular reference copy and reference paste
    • typically do this through ‘Create Calibrator Calculator’ in hierarchy
  • Create <simCalcName>SimBind calibrator calculator
    • usually below the simulator calculator
    • create procedure for extracting the final year of history (simulation base year)
  • Reference copy outputStock[th]
    • reference paste as input in the SimBind calculator
  • Reference copy base[byrh]
    • paste binding reference as output in the SimBind calculator
    • notice when it’s hooked up to the procedure box to be a “real” output, the index will change to byrs
    • Warning: <simCalcName>SimBind has to be a distinct calculator (don’t build it into the normal calibrator calculator)
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