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Adding an Informant

Click on the “Informants” tab in the left panel

Click on the “Add” button. The “Informant Information” dialogue appears:

Tab Field Description
General Description A description of the informant, which may include spaces
General Modelbase Name An identifier that will appear in the informants list and will be used to refer to the informant in a parameter list within the TOOL code in a procedure. It is also used as a label in the Graph tool. The modelbase name may not include spaces and the maximum character limit is 100.
General Index An abbreviated identifier that is used to refer to the informant when it is used as an index within a variable.
General Object Type Determines the type of informant that will be created:

Set - collection of individual elements
Sequence - Range of numerical values with a start, an end, a step size
Category - A mapping from elements in one set into elements of another set
Set Element Name
Set Element Description
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