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Atom Editor Quick Reference Card

Atom Editor cheat sheet.


Ctrl + Shift + P Toggle command pallete
Ctrl + LSelect line
Ctrl + GGoto line number
Ctrl + HomeMove to top of file
Ctrl + EndMove to bottom of file
Ctrl + ←Move to start of word
Ctrl + →Move to end of word
Ctrl + K Ctrl+Up/Down/Left/RightSwitch panes
Ctrl + FFind
F3Find next

Tree View

Alt + \Tree View focus
Ctrl + \Tree View toggle


Ctrl + F2View all
Alt + Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmark
F2Jump to next bookmark
Shift + F2Jump to previous bookmark


Edit Non Word Characters in Settings | Editor and remove $,[]→ FIXME - should include this in TOOL language definition package

Settings | Editor. Uncheck Auto Indent On Paste

Language & Syntax packages for TOOL

Clone these in your .atom\packages folder:

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