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Save project specific view interactions for next run (Ratcheting)

When a view is run the user often interacts with the view and it would be good to save those answers for subsequent runs. In addition, these answers will be specific to a project and you only want to reuse those answers for the project at hand.

If the user wants to read or write to disk they will specify a project under which their data will be saved

The view defines 4 ways for the user of a view to specify their settings for this run of the view:

  • “manual entry without save (default)”
  • “manual entry with save for next time”
  • “import data from previous run”
  • “import data from previous run AND allow change”

Background Info

Building the Rachet view

Check out the example in /models/caness/V5/views/sim/residential/resThermCondEnrCode_v2.t

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